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If your vision for your property is one of little change, a conservation easement can be a good option. The Edward L. Rose Conservancy listens to your vision of what you would like to see happen with your land now and in the future, and helps make your vision happen. We are a nationally accredited land trust, and our team can help you meet your conservation goals. A conservation easement is a common tool we use.  

Muskrat activity increases on Floating platforms

By elrose | September 28, 2015

In the Fall of 2014, fresh water mussel shells were observed in piles one of the floating platforms. Some of the shells exhibited bite marks and broken pieces and some of the shells were just separated into two halves. The motion activated cameras have captured new images of muskrats using the platforms in this Fall…

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Beavers Grooming at High Point Preserve

By elroseadmin | November 23, 2018

Beavers have set up a grooming station, on one of the floating platforms at Silver Lake, most nights since August. Beavers regularly move between aquatic and terrestrial environments, and the extended time in the water requires careful maintenance. Beavers spend a lot of time grooming their fur when out of the water, and the floating…

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Holiday Tote Bag Fundraiser

By elroseadmin | December 5, 2018

Support the Conservancy fund raising activity by donating during the Holiday Tote Bag Fundraiser. The beautiful and durable Tote Bags are designed by local artist Peg Miller. You can use the DONATE button on the web site; choose “Conservation” in the donation category. In the “Additional Comments” box, enter “Tote bags”. Figure the Donation amount based on $35.00…

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There are many interesting trails in the High Point Preserve, some with large rock formations. In this video a porcupine den is the site for activities by various local fauna, including fox, porcupine, deer, and a fisher. It is interesting to hike after a snowfall and try to identify the tracks left by the various animals as they went on their noctural treks.
The music is "White Bird" by the group It's a Beautiful Day from the 1960's.
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A variety of mammals are active in winter in north east Pennsylvania. In this set of video clips from a motion activated trail camera, see if you can identify the species active in the High Point Preserve under the Stewardship of the Edward L Rose Conservancy. There are fishers, raccoon, gray fox, porcupine, flying squirrels and a mouse , all foraging in the trees and on the forest floor. ... See MoreSee Less

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