Who We Are

The Edward L Rose Land Conservancy of Pennsylvania and New York State

We are a Land Trust that conserves forest, open space, and farmland, and applies science to monitoring the local environment. We partner with individuals and communities to protect our natural land and environment.

Our Story Begins . . .
. . . in 1809 when Dr. Robert Rose purchased 100,000 acres that later become a large part of Susquehanna County. Over the years much of this land passed out of family holdings, but was substantially reclaimed by a descendent, Edward L. Rose, committed to maintaining the rural character of the area. In 1987, 375 acres in Silver Lake Township were sold to a group of citizens pledged to continue his tradition of concern for land protection. The Edward L. Rose Conservancy was formed to protect land, preserve natural habitat and increase public awareness through education, research and outreach programs. Since its inception, the Conservancy has protected over 900 acres through conservation easements and donation.