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Our Preserves

High Point Preserve

The High Point Preserve, so named because the peak of the preserve is 1920 feet above sea level, is the highest point in Silver Lake Township. High Point sits at the headwaters of Silver Creek and consists of 280 plus acres of mature mixed hardwood and hemlock forest, a small emergent/scrub-shrub wetland at the northern end of the lake, a small open meadow, vernal pools, and Silver Lake shoreline.

Currently, there are no structures on the property. There is a series of trails throughout Highpoint Preserve allowing for easy access by conservancy members. Preserve and trail maintenance is funded by membership dues and we invite you to join us and enjoy the trail system. Trails are clearly marked and are maintained annually.

Trees during autumn

Greenwood Sanctuary

In 2009 the Conservancy acquired 128 acres of land in Dimock Township, Pennsylvania. This property was gifted to the Conservancy by its previous owner, Laidily A. MacBride.

Greenwood Sanctuary is mostly a mix of hardwood forests, open fields and hemlock forest. A small, un-named stream originates off the property and flows along the western boundary. Several old beaver dams have resulted in a small shallow pond and wetlands along the stream. Near the center of the property, is a larger, deeper pond with a small island and a wooden dock on the northwest side. There are two gated access roads – the primary access from the north and an abandoned access from the west. A system of trails, primarily consisting of old logging trails, is present on the property.

The Greenwood property has many assets. The biggest building on the property is a large, two-story, clapboard barn that was constructed when the property was owned by Laidily MacBride. The barn recently underwent renovations to add a bedroom and bathroom for use by Conservancy research interns. Other structures include a stone and wood shed, a functional outhouse, a small abandoned storage shed, the foundation ruins of an old barn, and several old stone walls.

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Longford Lake Property

The Longford Lake property is a 52-acre parcel that sits adjacent to Longford Lake and associated lands owned by the Longford Lake Association. The land was donated to the Conservancy with the goal of protecting it from development. During the time it was donated, land surrounding Longford Lake was being developed by private owners. To ensure the preservation of open space and wildlife habitat in the area, owners donated the land to the Conservancy.

The management of the property is funded through the contribution of members and is therefore open for use by Conservancy members. The property is open for recreational activities such as hiking and birdwatching. Informal hiking trails are present on the property. We invite you to join us and enjoy the property.

The Longford Lake property is mostly a mix of young and mature hardwood forests, mature hemlock forests, several acres of open field, a small emergent wetland, a small abandoned stone quarry, and several power lines rights-of-way.


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