Land Protection Projects

Protecting Land… it’s what we do!

The Edward L. Rose Conservancy actively works to protect land by accepting donations of conservation easements on private lands as well as outright donations of land. Through easements and properties we own, we have permanently protected hundreds of acres in northeast Pennsylvania and are now working to protect land in the Southern Tier of New York. We can assist you in finding the most appropriate long-term protection strategy for the land you love.

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Our Conservation Easements

The Edward L. Rose Conservancy holds seven conservation easements on over 434 acres of land. We accepted our first easement in 2004 and our most recent in 2017. These easements represent the care and concern of individual landowners and their determination to see their land protected. These lands remain in private ownership but are forever preserved for the benefit of the environment we all depend on.

The easements are tailored to meet the needs of each landowner and the specifics of the property they each protect. The Conservancy holds these easements and bears the responsibility for enforcing them. We do this through annual visits to the properties and regular contact with the landowners. We consider these landowners our partners in conservation and appreciate their dedication and love of the land.    Learn more......

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Our Preserves

The Conservancy currently owns three properties totaling 471 acres.

High Point Preserve is a 291-acre wooded preserve that borders Silver Lake in Silver Lake Township, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. The property has multiple hiking trails for members to enjoy.

Greenwood Sanctuary is a 128-acre parcel near Dimock, Pennsylvania, and consists of diverse habitats including wetlands, open fields and woodland. Hiking trails wind through a beautiful hemlock grove, through other forests, and around the pond.

Our third property surrounds Longford Lake in Silver Lake Township, Pennsylvania. This 52-acre property serves as a wooded buffer surrounding the developed residential portion around the lake.  The property was donated by the lake developers to ensure that there would be permanent open space for the enjoyment of the lake community.   Learn more ...


EL Rose Protected Places