Examples of Our Easements

Wally Woods Conservation Easement - Honoring a Loved One

Waldo Woods, recently deceased, known to most as Wally Woods, owned 35 beautiful acres in Montrose, Pennsylvania. He and his late wife, Kathy, purchased this land in 1980, and eventually moved there permanently. Wally and Kathy were attracted to this land because it had three things they had always wanted: a nice stream, a nice mountain, and a convenient location. Previously used for livestock grazing and orchards, the land is now home to his son. Wally’s property is peppered with sentiment and love for the land and the people in his life. Because his property is now protected “in perpetuity” by a conservation easement, the Edward L. Rose Conservancy can make sure that the values and land cherished by Kathy and Wally may be preserved forever.

“I want this land to stay in my family.”

Nancy Wottrich and Bruce McNaught  Conservation Easement - Keeping Land in the Family

As environmental professionals for several decades, Nancy and Bruce were no strangers to the world of conservation easements. Both Nancy and Bruce have done a lot of work for the Edward L Rose Conservancy; Bruce served on the board for several years and Nancy worked on several conservation easements for the Conservancy. But after years of placing easements on other properties, it was time to make sure that their property, so filled with scenic beauty, important wildlife habitat, and nearly half a century’s worth of family memories, was protected forever. Even as they sat by their ponds amidst the noise and bright lights and constant traffic during a year of intense gas drilling in Susquehanna County, Nancy said it was a good feeling to know at least this view wasn’t going to change. “It meant a lot that at least we could protect this land, no one could come in and build another house or remove the woods or drain the pond.  That was us taking real ownership of the land...an important aspect that completed the things we already do to protect this property.”  



Matthews  Conservation Easement - Watershed Protection

The Matthews' property in the Town of Chenango, in Broome County New York, was originally a part of the John Smith Dairy Farm that was subdivided in the 1950's.   The property is on a beautiful south facing hillside with forest, wetland and open space.   The John Smith farmhouse, built in the 1860's, has been renovated and the character of the forest and wetland have been kept as natural space.    Having lived at the John smith Road property since the 1970's, The Matthews are the longest residents in the history of the property and take pride on their stewardship of the land.  The topography of the property has importance as a wildlife corridor and as a keystone watershed component.  The property hosts multiple water springs as well as providing a natural terraced flow to surface water.  There has been an increased frequency of heavy rain events over the last twenty years that have impacted the neighborhood, and forests and wetlands play a key role in mitigating storm effects.

The Matthews wanted to protect the natural character of their property and retain the beneficial watershed elements of forest, pond, terraced land, and wetland that help to slow run-off and retain ground water.  The property is used for forest research, in cooperation with Cornell University Department of Natural Resources, studying this impacts of white-tailed deer populations on forest health.

The establishment of a Conservation Easement defines the baseline characteristics of the property and limits how it can be used into the future.   Maintaining the environmental value of the property provides benefits to the local environment and the watershed, helping to protect the neighboring properties during rain events.   No further development of houses, lots, or roads is permitted.

The property has provided a sanctuary where the Matthews have raised a family with the values of being a part of the environment and protecting the natural beauty, forest and local wildlife.     With the a Conservation easement in place, the character and environmental values of the property will be retained.  The Edward L Rose Conservancy monitors all of the properties to insure that the intent and definitions written into the  conservation easements are honored and protected.




Friends of Salt Springs Conservation Easement - Adding on to a Public Space

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