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If your vision for your property is one of little change, a conservation easement can be a good option. The Edward L. Rose Conservancy listens to your vision of what you would like to see happen with your land now and in the future, and helps make your vision happen. We are an experienced land trust, and our team can help you meet your conservation goals. A conservation easement is a common tool we use.  

On Fallen Tree Video

By elroseadmin | August 29, 2022

This video shows a fallen Ash tree that now lies in Silver Lake but still plays a supporting role for other local creatures.Beavers have chewed its branches but there is still interesting behavior and activity associated with this old tree. Starring roles by an old Ash Tree,  some white-tailed deer, a wacky King Fisher,  a…

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Bake Sale at Silver Lake 2022 Success

By elroseadmin | August 1, 2022

There was a bake sale at Silver Lake on July 31, 2022, with the plans and efforts originating with Maya and Nate Ludwig and Giulia Fantini. Wonderful baked goods and beverages were available dock-side or for delivery with proceeds to benefit the Edward L Rose Land Conservancy.. From the words of Maya: “The conservancy is…

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In the News

Conservancy Currents Newsletter Spring – Summer 2022

By elroseadmin | July 17, 2022

The Spring and Summer of 2022 are upon us. Read about some of the news regarding the not-for-profit Edward L Rose Conservancy that protects our special places. Spring – Summer Conservancy Currents 2022 Newsletter  

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