Raptor Nest Project – Week 4 2021

The Great Horned Owl pair continues to nest as the weather moderates.  Much of the snow that was surrounding the nesting bowl has melted.

Check the VIDEO LINK ;  The male looks to be successful at bringing food to the female who has been doing all the egg sitting.   Looks like ‘legs’ were on the menu one morning.
Week 4 Youtube Video link:


Regarding the Great Horned Owls,  here is a link to some good information about their life history .
We are hoping for the owlets to hatch from the eggs in the next two weeks.
Let me know if your kids or grandchildren have suggestions for names for the female and male adult owls.
We will plan to send an email later this weekend to vote on the adult owls names.
When we meet the owlets, we can plan to give them names also.

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