Great Horned Owl Nest – Week 3 Update 2021

Raptor Habitat Project Update – Great Horned Owls Nesting with Two Eggs

Highlights from week 3 of the Great Horned Owls’ nesting in Brackney, PA.

The mother owl is doing all the incubating. She stretches and leaves the nest for short periods before dawn and after dusk.

The male owl is bringing food the his mate; in these clips there is a good example of the food transfer.

There is no background music in this video; turn up your audio to hear varied nest proximity vocalizations from hoots, to screeches, to chirps. The weather has been harsh with cold temperatures and plenty of snow. The temperature has just started to be above freezing in the day time and some of the snow surrounding the nest is starting to melt away.

Anticipated schedule:

The incubation time is typically between 28 and 35 days; in this case, 28 days from Feb 5, when the first egg was laid, is March 5, 2021; 35 days projects to March 12. The second egg was laid on Feb 9, so the clock might have started then, in which case the hatching would be anticipated between March 9 and March 17. This raptor nest project, sponsored by the Edward L Rose Conservancy, will hopefully result in a successful breeding cycle and we can look forward to watching chick(s) activity in the nest. The chicks should be climbing around the nest by (5 weeks) mid-April, and able to fly (9-10 weeks) by mid-May. Thank you for watching and visit the Edward L Rose Conservancy Facebook page or website ( Share with your family and friends if you like.\

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