Ducks and Turtles – Spring 2020

On two floating platforms on Silver Lake in Brackney, PA, Springtime brings ducks and turtles looking for a place of rest. In this video, we see a family of Mallard ducks that we saw earlier in the Spring. The video clips from motion-activated cameras over a two week period, show how quickly the ducklings are growing up, learning to preen their first set of feathers..

A Snapping turtle and some Eastern Painted turtles pull up to sun on the hay.

The first green frog on the platform this season looks a little wary of the painted turtle nearby.

Hope you enjoy the video of our local wildlife.

Be watchful of turtles crossing the road, looking for a good nesting area.   Carefully help them cross in the same direction they were headed.

Link to the youtube video:

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