High Point Preserve Lake Shore Wildlife

The Spring is a busy season for wildlife around Silver Lake.  This video contains  clips of a variety of wildlife around the lake shore and on floating platforms.  Among the wildlife are frequent visitors including Mallard Ducks and a Beaver.

The floating platforms and the motion activated trail cameras are part of the long-term monitoring of the local environment by volunteers for the Edward l Rose Conservancy.  We encourage the local community to observe and care about the environment.

  Take a few minutes to relax and observe some interesting behaviors, from head-bobbing ducks to a tail flicking red-winged black bird.

     There are two first time video visitors to the floating platforms, a Rabbit and a Bald Eagle.  Not sure what motivated the rabbit to swim to a platform fifty feet from shore.  The eagle was likely motivated by live prey to make a landing on the edge of a small floating platform.

     There are a couple mystery creatures on the lake shore; one looks like a young Fisher, a member of the weasel family.  There is also a quick glimpse of fur standing over the trail camera lens;  the owner of the fur is unknown.

    Ducks are hatching and the floating platforms provide a refuge for ducklings to preen and rest with Mom.

    Toward the end of the video, a barn swallow is observed utilizing a Wood Duck nesting box for its own nest location needs.  The pair of swallows worked busily for several days collecting choice scraps of hay for their construction materials.

Here is the link to the Youtube video:


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