Wood Duck Nesting Box Project – new video

Nesting Boxes Success

Some Conservation projects see an immediate benefit. Many other projects require patience and produce results in the long term.

In 2015 we built and deployed more than 30 nesting boxes for raptors and wood ducks.

The Wood Ducks have been using the nesting boxes successfully but they are very elusive.

This week we used a motion activated camera to capture video of a female Wood Duck taking up residence in a nesting box that was set up by Scott, James, Keith, and Anthony in 2015.

Hopefully, around the week of May 10, 2020, there will be Wood Duck ducklings leaping from the nesting box.

Other water fowl have been visiting the floating platforms and may also establish nests.

The barn swallows have been actively catching insects over the lake surface even in very challenging wind conditions.

It may be hard to tell by the weather but we are well into Spring and celebrating Earth Day 2020 with another successful long term project.

Nature is still open.

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