Raptor Nest Platform Update March 25, 2020

Thought a bit of good news might help to start our day.

This morning there was some activity on the nesting platform that we erected in 2019 at Silver Lake under a Green Communities grant for Edward L Rose Conservancy.    The nest is intended to enhance the chance of successful breeding of raptors, including bald eagles, hawks, osprey or owls.    There have been a variety of visitors to the nest over the past year, but no breeding activity as of yet.

Based on the images captured by two motion activated cameras mounted above the nest, here is a possible narration of this morning’s event.

  1. A pair of frisky squirrels were wrestling in the snow covered nest.
  2. A mature bald eagle dropped in looking for breakfast.
  3. Uncertain as to whether the predation was successful.
  4. A lone squirrel views the nest after the eagle departed.
  5. A significant disturbance to the nest lining materials is evident.

This is the first capture of images of an eagle visiting the nest platform.

This is a milestone that verifies two goals:

  1. The nest location is known to at least one local eagle.
  2. That landing and take-off from the nest location is possible for an eagle with a 6 foot wing-span.

This is late in the eagle nest selection/breeding season for this year, but it gives hope for more activity in the future for possible raptor breeding.  We will keep you posted.

Four photos from the brief morning event are attached.

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Squirrels frolicking on the nest.

The Eagle has landed!

Eagle exploring the nest’s excellent construction.

Single squirrel trying to understand what just happened.

Major disturbance to the vegetation material lining the nest.

We are hoping the eagle will be back soon.

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