Green Communities Grant – Raptor Nest Habitat

The Edward L Rose Conservancy is partnering with the Rockwell Collins corporation in Binghamton New York on a Raptor Nest Project.

We often see bald eagles roosting and fishing near the High Point Preserve.

The goal of this project is to establish a nest site to encourage eagles to breed near the High Point preserve.

A suitable tree will be selected with a recommendation from national eagle experts.

The design and construction of the nest base will be done in October 2018 by volunteers from the Rockwell Collins company and the Edward L Rose Conservancy and with support from the tree climbing experts from Cornell University.

When successful take-over of the nest site occurs in the future, with breeding activity, the long term plan will be to install a web-camera to enable the local community to unobtrusively observe the breeding behavior and watch the growth and fledging of a new generation of eagles.

Look for progress updates later this month.

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