Fall 2020 Wildlife – Raptors and Rodents

This video is a salute to the Fall of 2020 and some the special wildlife living in and around Silver Lake and the High Point Preserve. The raptors and rodents are part of the dance of living threads in the tapestry of the environment, of which we are all a part.

There has been an increase in activity of bald eagles in the area and a pair recently showed some interest in our raptor nest, even bringing some sticks to the nest.   We have a long term goal of having a pair of eagles successfully breed on our raptor nest platform and return for many years to come.    The plan is uncertain as there are many factors that may hamper the decision of a pair of eagles to become residents, including construction activity and noise, and dogs and people near the nest or scaring eagles near the lake shore.

Here is a link to a YouTube video highlighting some of the Raptors and Rodents that live in and around the High Point Preserve.

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