DEC Grant Award for Restoring the Chesapeake Bay watershed

DEC Awards $199,000 Grant to the Edward L. Rose Conservancy to Restore Chesapeake Bay Watershed

“Riparian buffers are critical to New York’s continued effort to reduce nutrients and sediment in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. New York, along with six other jurisdictions, are working together to restore the Chesapeake Bay,” said DEC Commissioner Seggos. “Riparian buffers have the added benefit of reducing flood impacts, creating wildlife habitat, and providing shade to streams.” These land acquisitions and conservation easements will permanently protect riparian areas and help improve and sustain water quality and habitat.

Riparian buffers are strips of trees, shrubs or grasses planted next to streams or other waterbodies. Through permanent conservation easements, the Edward L. Rose Conservancy will protect 28 acres of riparian buffers in Broome and Tioga counties. Buffers in need of restoration will be restored through a partnership with the Al Hazzard Chapter of Trout Unlimited. By planting vegetation along streams, space is created between the water and upland land uses, helping to protect the water quality and stream habitat by reducing the amount of nitrogen, phosphorous, and sediment entering the Chesapeake Bay.

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