Spring Visitors to Floating Platform

Spring Visitors to our Floating Platforms:
We deployed two floating platforms again this Spring, including motion activated cameras.
The platforms are made of cedar, are anchored near the inlet to Silver Lake, and include some over-arching branches for protection from predators and some hay for a softer bed. No bait or enticement is provided other than a floating island space.

The camera memory card this week included photographs of some common and some uncommon visitors.

Mallard Duck pair looking for a nesting site.

Male Mallard Duck shows his colors and pretty red feet.

A male Wood Duck in all his splendor.

A rare visitor to Silver Lake; a Spotted Sandpiper

A common song sparrow stops by for a selfie.

We plan to keep watching into the summer to see how the platforms will become an integral part of the lake environment.

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