2016 Annual Meeting at Greenwood Sanctuary Hi-Lights

This year the Edward L Rose Conservancy Annual meeting was held at the Greenwood Sanctuary property in Dimock, PA south of Montrose. The meeting had a business component which included reports on the previous year’s activities and initiatives. The venue of the beautiful Greenwood Sanctuary also provided the opportunity to see first hand the local environment and observe some of the long term environmental monitoring projects being coordinated by the Cornell University Department of Natural Resources.

There were many positive comments about the Greenwood Sanctuary property, the improvements to the on-site barn, and the well maintained forest and trails.
We are grateful to have Jesse Wells as the caretaker of the property. Jesse monitors the use of the property and maintains the trails and facilities.

Kristi Sullivan, working with the Board of Directors and a team of interns, organized and coordinated the meeting to not only provide information on the state of the Conservancy to the membership, but also to enable the members to tap into the heart of the land stewardship mission of the Conservancy with an enjoyable, informative, immersive, quality experience.

The Barn at the Greenwood Sanctuary has an updated roof and painted inside floor and makes for a great meeting place. The space is bright and airy for a pleasant meeting setting, and a good refuge for a rainy day.

The Board of Directors lead the annual meeting with committee reports.


Kristi Sullivan presented a report on the various long term, environmental monitoring projects underway and plans for the coming year.


Kristi Sullivan and Cornell intern Nicole Tu-Maung presented a variety of local reptiles and amphibians native to the Greenwood Sanctuary site. Conservancy members got up close to the critters and asked questions about animal behaviors, populations, and what was the field monitoring data indicating about the health of the local environment. This summer’s dry weather has impacted the local amphibians in that they have to find locations where they can stay moist. The trail walk was very informative and additional amphibians were observed in their native environment.


Even with the early arrival of rain showers, this annual meeting is one to remember. Congratulations to the Board of Directors, staff, and the Cornell team for a successful meeting and for the valuable work that you are doing.

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