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If your vision for your property is one of little change, a conservation easement can be a good option. The Edward L. Rose Conservancy listens to your vision of what you would like to see happen with your land now and in the future, and helps make your vision happen. We are a nationally accredited land trust, and our team can help you meet your conservation goals. A conservation easement is a common tool we use.  

Spring visitor – Spotted Sandpiper

By elroseadmin | May 20, 2018

For the fourth year we have deployed floating platforms in Silver Lake with motion activated cameras installed to capture videos of visitors. We have had many surprises including this year with visits from Spotted Sandpipers. The Spotted Sandpiper is common to the shores of streams, ponds and lakes in NE Pennsylvania and New York. This…

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Annual Membership Meeting At Binghamton University

By elroseadmin | July 30, 2018

Annual Membership Meeting The annual membership meeting of the Edward L Rose Conservancy was held at the Alumni Center of Binghamton University. Highlights of the meeting included reports on Land Use, the Butterfly Garden and  on the monitoring of the local environment by the Cornell team. After the meeting there was an amazing presentation of…

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In the News

Summer time, Kids, and Nature

By elroseadmin | June 28, 2018

We as a society have become so protective that our children often do not get the opportunity for free, unstructured play in a natural place.  This weekend, Lilian and her brother Lucas were on a walking bridge at a vernal pool in the Butterfly garden at High Point Preserve. They were having the best time…

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Spotted lantern fly has been found in Albany and Yates counties in New York! DEC needs your help - be on the lookout for this potentially economically and ecologically devastating pest! links.govdelivery.com/track?type=click&enid=ZWFzPTEmbWFpbGluZ2lkPTIwMTgwOTExLjk0NzUyMDMxJm1lc3NhZ... ... See MoreSee Less

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We relocated the trail camera further north along the Blue Trail ridge. The Fishers seem to be regulars along the trail. This time they even climb on the trail camera. ... See MoreSee Less

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Nocturnal activity continues in the High Point Preserve which is under the stewardship of the Edward L Rose Conservancy. Porcupine, fishers, and a fox return to this trail location. A fox approaches the field of view of the motion activated camera and the fox balks and runs. Curious from the behavior whether the fox is able to detect either a high frequency sound or the infra-red illumination source from the camera.
In this video we can obserrve some behavior from at least three individual fishers including a pair. Fishers are good tree climbers, with retractable claws and the ability to rotate their rear paws to enable tham to climb head first down a tree.
These videos were filmed at nght using an infra-red light source. Two porcupines meet and the surprise encounter raises the quills on one of them.
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