Gas Policy – Edward L Rose Conservancy


Gas Policy

Gas Policy

The Conservancy has not signed any gas lease.
The Board of Directors has developed the following Gas Policy

The mission of the Edward L. Rose Conservancy is to preserve natural re- sources through land acquisition, water and soil conservation, wildlife sanctuary and refuge, and preservation of scenic beauty.

In furtherance of the Edward L. Rose Conservancy’s commitment to preserve lands through conservation easements we will:

1. Faithfully steward our conservation easements in full compliance with the developmental restrictions incorporated in existing easement agreements in perpetuity.
2. Encourage local landowners who are interested in the preservation of their land by conservation easement:

    a. To forgo mineral extraction leases or
    b. To sign non-developmental leases, which will prevent any destructive surface activity or
    c. To proactively negotiate leases that minimize damage to the natural environment.

To protect E.L. Rose Conservancy owned land we will:

1. Not allow any surface disturbing activity for mineral exploration or extraction on any Conservancy owned property.
2. Not sign any lease allowing horizontal drilling under Edward L. Rose Conservancy owned lands from other lands unless it becomes apparent that signing such a non- developmental lease will improve the protection of our lands and further our mission in Susquehanna County