Former Board of Directors member Joe Hester

In Memory of Joseph P. Hester

The Honorable Joseph P. Hester, Jr., former member of the Board of Directors of the Edward L Rose Conservancy passed away on September 26, 2017. Joe was a source of warmth, love and wit for the many people who were a part of his world. Joe enjoyed the outdoors and was a strong advocate for clean water and a natural environment. Joe was a strong supporter for understanding and providing stewardship for our local environment.
Joe served on the Conservancy Board of Directors and provided integrity and consistent leadership for the mission of caring for the land in Susquehanna County and beyond. Joe was active in high level planning but also in volunteering and pitching in for annual hiking trail clean up and supporting environmental projects with his time and energy. Joe was active in encouraging the Edward L Rose Conservancy to strive for and attain National Accreditation.
Joe will be missed by all who had the honor of working with him. Joe provided a high bar for environmental stewardship, commitment, community service, and loyal friendship.

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